Welcome to my NEW blog!


Thank you for checking out my first Blog post. I hope to update this weekly with all sorts of content. I'm currently keeping busy with lessons via Skype and in some schools. Outside of this I'm upping my game with my online content. I hope to build up my online store over the coming months offering individual lessons on songs and techniques and all of my guitar courses. This will take some time but I finally have a pathway in my head that should allow me to get this is up and running to a standard that I'm happy with.

For now please check out this video, its short and sweet. I set myself the goal of writing an instrumental that was under 1 minute. I wanted to get this done quickly and not overthink anything, the main goal was being creative. For the guitar nerd in you I used an Epiphone Joe Bonamassa Les Paul, Bravewood Cabronita Telecaster and my EJ Fender Stratocaster. All played into a Two Rock Studio Pro 35 mixed with a Shure SM57. I recored the bass with my Squier Jaguar Bass. I put together the drum track on EZ drummer 2.

Thanks for reading and stay safe x

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